Fine art landscape and architecture photographer Sam Vasfi is a native of Washington, D.C.’s metropolitan area. From early on he developed a love of photography, taking along a 35mm camera anywhere he traveled.

Sam believes that his photographs have a dual purpose: the first is to engage viewers on an aesthetic level, and the second is to create a body of work that serves as a historical document of the city and its rapidly changing landscape. His technique, which involves photo-manipulation in post-production, allows him to give viewers a sense of an even larger perspective than the eye can see. Most of Sam’s images span from 180 degrees to 360 degrees when possible. Capturing a cityscape or a landscape through a lens is an enormous challenge and the dynamic relationship between the camera, the subject and the photographer’s eye drives Sam’s passion for the medium.

Sam is a graduate of the Art Institute of Washington with a bachelor in fine arts in photographic imaging.